2 Minutes 2 Million - The Official Interview

No investment - how hard is that for you?

To be honest, it was a bitmixed feelings. On the one hand, we were naturally disappointed, but on the other hand we knew that it would be difficult for a company that has already outgrown the start-up phase to make it to a start-up show. Unlike many other start-ups, we already have functioning products and have generated a turnover of 1.5 million euros. So of course the company has a certain value.

What were the reactions from those around you?

Many people knew, of course, that we took part in the TV show 2 Minutes 2 Million. It wasn't easy to keep the outcome a secret until the end. Many people are now asking us how we are doing or whether we will continue at all. I can only say "And how it will go on!". Firstly, we have already had two investors on board since 2015 and secondly, the development is going in the right direction. In 2016, we once again achieved a record turnover and the signs for 2017 are once again positive and we are confident that we will reach break-even in 2017. Das Feedback zur Show war durch die Bank positiv. I am really proud of our performance and would like to thank my team for this. Another special thanks also goes to the 2 Minutes 2 Million team. It was a great experience and we would do it again anytime.

What has happened since the broadcast?

The broadcast is now just a few days old, but what can already be positively reported is that our website and webshop have now survived a proper real-life test. More than 9000 visitors were on our website during the TV show and online sales have also increased insanely. The "old media" just still have their effect.

The stress steering wheel - what is it all about?

Here we can already report cautiously positive things. One of the big players is already showing more than just serious interest. If things continue to develop so positively, we may soon be seen at one of the next automobile trade fairs. I can only say that the stress steering wheel is already working!

You really broke out in a sweat when you asked about measuring on your mobile phone. Is measurement directly on the smartphone the future?

So during the recording of the programme, this product did not yet exist on the market. As it has now turned out, it is in fact not an ECG-accurate measurement method but a simple pulse wave derivation as it has basically been on the market for a long time. Our device is about 1000% more accurate. I would also be surprised if someone managed to derive an ECG in a meaningful quality on just one finger.

Do you often hear such questions?

Questions of this kind are nothing new for us. The problem here is quite simply that the measurement parameters or the necessary accuracy have simply not yet reached the masses. Simple example: with a fever gauge every child knows by now that the body temperature should be between 36 and 40 degrees and one expects an accuracy of at least 0.1 degrees here. No one would think of buying a thermometer that only has a line every 10 degrees. So 30 degrees, 40 degrees, 50 degrees. There is a fine line between strain and overstrain, both in sport and at work. I think that when it comes to such important vital values as regeneration, stress or bio-age, a system cannot be accurate enough and we can proudly claim that the Vitalmonitor is the most accurate. Why settle for inaccurate results. After all, it is about health and about one's own body.

2 Minutes 2 Million - The Official Interview

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