With the Vital Monitor, I was able to lower my BioAge!

The Vital Monitor helps me to evaluate influences on my life!

Shock: BioAge 80 years!

After I noticed after the first Vitalmonitor measurements that my biological age (80 years) clearly exceeds my calendrical age (52 years), I immediately took action. Instead of walking quite briskly for an hour in the morning, I now went jogging for 45 minutes or exercised on the ergometer. I reduced my television consumption and tried to go to bed around 10:00 pm. The effects on my biological age were immediate. In mid-December, some stressors set in, which dragged on through the Christmas vacations and on into January. I then made a decision that had a very positive effect on my biological age. In addition, I intensified my training in order to participate in a sports competition. On February 23, the lowest point of my biological age (32.2 years), I then tore the lateral ligament in my left knee and the cruciate ligament and miniscus in my right knee during training.

Targeted training = low BioAge

The recovery process coupled with additional stress factors and the missing exercise units led to a rapid increase in my biological age again. Only since I have been able to complete targeted training units again, coordinated with the Vitalmonitor, has my BioAge again followed a desired downward trend and my well-being is noticeably increasing.


The Vitalmonitor is a good mirror of life circumstances and besides sports also an ideal companion in the rehab phase. I was in rehab myself for 6 weeks and got to know the problems of the patients there. During the rehab everything still works fine, but after that there is simply a lack of accompaniment. With the vital monitor, I have values every day that I can orient myself by. Accompanying measures can be carried out at the right time and even small changes in personal behavior can have huge effects.

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