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With the Vitalmonitor method you can achieve more in the same time.


You train regularly, but see too little progress

You come out of work. Your day was good. Everything done. You just want to get out. Into the woods. Hard running workout. Shoes on. You go full throttle. For 5 minutes. After that you are completely exhausted. You can't explain why.

3 days later. Your day was bad. Your schedule says workout. Your gut says "pause." You get over yourself. Short, light workout - that's it. Shoes on. Out into the forest. You run and run. No fatigue - but why?

Did you know that your body tells you when you are ready to train and how?


Vitalmonitor + App analyze your heartbeat and calculate your ideal training zone on a daily basis

We measure heart rate variability and derive regeneration status, training recommendations and stress levels directly from it. In the past, this derivation was extremely time and money consuming. People who wanted to measure had to be connected to a stand ECG device every time. However, through our years of research and development, we have succeeded in developing a device for everyday use: the Vitalmonitor.

You can tell if you are well or poorly regenerated by the variability of your heartbeats:

You are exhausted from work or training You are regenerated
You are overtraining You sleep excellent
You are suffering from an illness or acute pain You are euphoric
You are under extreme temperatures or at high sea level You eat optimal
You suffer from stress, depression, etc. You are healthy
You eat poorly You are relaxed and at ease
You drink too much alcohol
You sleep badly


The revolution in training control: the most user-friendly HRV measurement ever

The Vitalmonitor Nano is a mobile vital sensor that measures your physical regeneration and calculates daily training recommendations from it. The Vital Monitor measures your heart rate variability, which is a measure of your readiness to train. With it you can for the first time:

Determine at any time how regenerated your body is and adjust your training accordingly.

Technical details

Through years of development and constant optimization with the help of athletes, sports physicians, doctors and vital coaches, we have made the Vitalmonitor Nano what it is today:

Only 1-2 thousandths of a second deviation compared to a standing ECG Sensor weighs only 12 grams
Flexible fabric chest band Integrated battery
Charger included Integrated ECG sensor
Bluetooth dualchip Can also be used as a pulse belt for sports
Resistant to splash water, sweat & UV radiation Small dimensions and therefore easy to transport
Vitalmonitor Nano
Vitalmonitor Nano
Vitalmonitor Nano
Vitalmonitor Nano
Vitalmonitor Nano
Vitalmonitor Nano
Vitalmonitor Nano
Vitalmonitor Nano
Vitalmonitor Nano
Vitalmonitor Nano
Vitalmonitor Nano
Vitalmonitor Nano
Vitalmonitor Nano
Vitalmonitor Nano
Vitalmonitor Nano
Vitalmonitor Nano
Vitalmonitor Nano

Vitalmonitor Nano

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The Vitalmonitor Nano measures your HRV (heart rate variability). This allows for accurate measurement to provide effective training recommendations or to accurately measure your stress level.

  • Effective training recommendations BEFORE training
  • Measure regeneration
  • Analyze stress level
  • Evaluate lifestyle and health based on BioAge

The Vitalmonitor app works with:

  • iPhone 4s/iPad 3 & iOS (from iOS 8).
  • Android (from 5.0) and Bluetooth 4.0 - We have tested 920 Android models so far. In the process, the Vitalmonitor Nano worked with all Samsung, Sony, OnePlus, Xiaomi, Motorola, Google, HTC and LGSmartphones and tablets. Google Services and the Play Store are required to use the Vitalmonitor Nano.

Vitalmonitor Nano includes:

  • Nano sensor
  • Nano chest band
  • ID card
  • Charger
  • Quick start guide

The Vitalmonitor Nano does not require a subscription.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Tom Lener
Uneingeschränkt empfehlenswert.Das Preis-/Leistungsverhältnis is weit über Durchschnitt. In 8 …

Uneingeschränkt empfehlenswert. Das Preis-/Leistungsverhältnis is weit über Durchschnitt. In 8 Wochen konnte ich mit Hilfe des Vitalmonitor Maßnahmen setzen um mein Bioage zu halbieren und damit mein Herz-Kreislaufsystem deutlich entlasten. Die Auswirkungen von Stress - Entspannung - Schlafdauer - Training - Medikamente etc... bildet der Vitalmonitor exakt ab und gibt wertvolles Feedback zur Konstitution und dem Lebensstil. Dies ermöglicht es mir Maßnahmen zu setzen für mehr Lebensqualität.

Rossmann Gregor
Ich finde den VM richtig gut. Ich setze das Gerät …

Ich finde den VM richtig gut. Ich setze das Gerät sowohl für mich selbst, als auch für meine Klienten ein.

Anfangs kritisch, aber schnell überzeugt. Mein Training kann ich jetzt …

Anfangs kritisch, aber schnell überzeugt. Mein Training kann ich jetzt gezielter planen und durchführen.

Der FitnessTester
Ich nutze den Vitalmonitor jetzt schon seit mehreren Jahren und …

Ich nutze den Vitalmonitor jetzt schon seit mehreren Jahren und er ist die perfekte Trainingsunterstützung. Er hilft, den optimalen Sport-Biorhythmus also Trainingszeitpunkt zu finden. Denn nur so lässt sich die Leistung effektiv steigern. Die Anwendung vom Vitalmonitor ist wie ich finde einfach und lässt sich mit (fast) jedem Handy erledigen. Was mich besonders begeistert, ist die EKG-genaue Herzfrequenzmessung, so habe ich immer einen Überblick aller wichtigen Körperdaten. So kann ich meine Trainingsbelastung besser koordinieren und fühle mich besser nach dem Lauftraining.

Ein super Gerät! Kann ich jeden weiterempfehlen!

Ein super Gerät! Kann ich jeden weiterempfehlen!

Customer opinions

Beate Spangl

I have always been very athletic on the road and sport has always been an essential part of my life. I was never a professional athlete, but in 2007 I started to run my first races (half marathon, marathon). An Achilles tendon injury in 2009 put the brakes on my euphoria for the first time and I then turned to triathlon, which has since become my great passion. But in combination with a very stressful job, it then became too much. Through the vitalmonitor, my coach found out that my ECG repeatedly shows unexplained extrasystoles. For clarification, a 24-hour ECG was performed, where a hyperkenetic HF was confirmed. Without the vital monitor, I probably would not have come up with this and would have done great damage to my body by putting more and more stress on it. So I have drastically reduced my training, try to bring relaxation into my life, quit my stress job and now hope to find my way out of my "stress trap" again with the support of the Vitalmonitor. I am convinced that the Vitalmonitor not only provides athletes with optimal information for training control, but can also be a valuable tool for today's stress-ridden society to pull the emergency brake in time and bring about changes in life. Many thanks to the team for the development of this tool!

Günther Denk

After I noticed after the first Vitalmonitor measurements that my biological age (80 years) clearly exceeds my calendrical (52 years), I immediately took action. Instead of walking quite briskly for an hour in the morning, I now went jogging for 45 minutes or exercised on the ergometer. I reduced my TV consumption and tried to go to bed around 22:00. The effects on my biological age were immediately apparent. In mid-December, some stressors set in, which dragged on through the Christmas vacations and on into January. I then made a decision that had a very positive effect on my biological age. In addition, I intensified my training in order to participate in an athletic competition. Then on February 23, the lowest point of my biological age (32.2 years), I tore the collateral ligament in my left knee and the cruciate ligament and meniscus in my right knee during training.

The recovery process, coupled with additional stress factors and the lack of exercise sessions again led to a rapid increase in my biological age. It is only since I have been able to complete targeted training sessions again, coordinated with the Vitalmonitor, that my BioAge is again following a desired downward trend and my well-being is noticeably increasing.

Georg Zoltan

"I have the Vitalmonitor now for about 1.5 years in use and would not want to miss him. I do up to about 5x a week sports and my readings were generally stable, depending on what loads I was just exposed.

But suddenly I had a sharp drop in my regeneration, although I felt quite good and fit. In addition, I also had a training week coming up. But since I now trust the Vitalmonitor, I took a break from training. After 2 days, my subjective feeling also proved the Vitalmonitor right, I now didn't feel so good at all. In addition, I noticed a clear swelling on my right foot. To be on the safe side, I had this checked at the hospital. There I was diagnosed with a red run.

Not to think what would have happened if I had still completed the training week. The vital monitor is now a fixed part of my life and I can only recommend it to everyone, on the one hand for monitoring their performance but also their health."