The Vitalmontitor FLOW HRV is one of the most accurate Bluetooth HRV measurement devices on the market. It shows you how intensive you can train, informs you about your current stress level and provides you with your BioAge.


What does the Vitalmonitor FLOW HRV measure?

Training recommendation

Determine how fit your body is at that moment and adjust your activity accordingly.


Ermittle dein Stresslevel und passe deine heutigen Pläne daran an.


Determine your BioAge. Find out what is good for your body and strengthen it. Find out what has a negative effect and do without it in the future.

Vitalmonitor FLOW HRV
Vitalmonitor FLOW HRV
Vitalmonitor FLOW HRV


Vitalmonitor FLOW HRV
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What our customers say


Indispensable in sports!

Michael Deutschmann

For me as a trainer, the Vitalmonitor is the perfect additional tool for training control and monitoring.

Johann Kralik

For a chronically ill person who does sports nevertheless, a good possibility of training control.


The measurement results not only provide good feedback on training success, but also motivate people to adopt a healthier lifestyle in general.

Christian Hessing

Absolute top product, provides reliable information about the current state of the cardiovascular system. One gets to know the body very well and can always train in the optimal range. My expectations were exceeded!

Sebastian Unger

The Vitalmonitor helps me to stay in balance in everyday life and to make my training better and more efficient. Thanks to Vitalmonitor I can "listen" to my body better, am less ill and can also make my training more efficient.

Fabian Braitsch

Am Anfang ist man Neuem natürlich immer etwas skeptisch gegenüber, ob es denn wirklich auch das macht was es machen soll. Jetzt wo sich Routine beim Training und beim täglichen Messen eingestellt hat, verwundert mich immer wieder wie exakt die Auswertungen mit meiner Trainingsbelastung und meiner Tagesverfassung zusammenpasst.

Stefan Rauchenzauner

A super device! I can recommend it to anyone!


I have been using the Vitalmonitor for several years now and it is the perfect training support. It helps to find the optimal sport biorhythm, i.e. the time of training. This is the only way to effectively increase performance.

Der FitnessTester